About Us

Michelle Wadley and Tony Wadley, siblings originally from South Africa, established Michton Ltd in 1991. Beginnings may have been humble but ambitions were always big. Initially, the duo started out by importing small handcrafted sugar lollipops from the homestead, which they then distributed to UK retailers. After a promising start, the two began calling on the independent specialist confectioners who, in turn, asked them to come up with other novel, atypical products.

Being young and eager helped in those early days. The team travelled extensively across Europe and attended many trade fairs where they soon found the inspiration to design and create a wealth of innovative new products.

By 1992 they had secured a small manufacturing unit in Enfield, near London, where work began on producing hand-made marshmallow novelties - an idea that gradually materialised while visiting Holland and Belgium. Marshmallow novelties were proving very popular in the UK at the time, and it wasn't long before Tony and Michelle were supplying a number of large British retailers.

Soon enough, the premises in Enfield grew too small to cope with the increase in product demand, and so began the hunt for larger premises. After a couple of months of intensive searching, the duo finally decided on a factory in Swansea, South Wales, where the business resides to this day.

The move in 1998 was prompted, firstly, because of a need for more space to cope with increased customer orders and, secondly, because of a risky venture make their own bespoke mallow pieces. Up until this point, the pair had been buying in various marshmallow shapes needed to make their novelty confectionery.

No sooner had Tony and Michelle moved to Wales than a chance opportunity came about to purchase a flexible chocolate moulding line. For the first time, this allowed them to manufacture for themselves most of the chocolates they were previously forced to buy in. Although they knew that they had an awful lot to learn, they eagerly welcomed the new challenge. Within just a few months, Tony and Michelle started producing and selling their own chocolate.

Some ten years on, Michton Ltd has gained the reputation as one of Wales' leading suppliers of top-of-the-range novelty confectionery. Over the last eighteen years, Michelle and Tony have had the honour of producing tailor-made products for its many customers and,today, they are proud to be supplying to many of Britain's most prestigious retailers.

In 2009, Michton Ltd launched a sister-company, BakeArt, which specialises in the manufacture and sale of a wide variety of bakery products and cake decorations. A big success in its own right, BakeArt also manufactures sugarpaste, and houses its very own factory in Ashington, near Newcastle. Here they create a variety of sugar and chocolate sprinkles, as well as print and decorate sugarpaste and wafer-based foodstuffs.

Michton is a family business with its heart in producing unusual, quality products in Britain. Innovation, enthusiasm and an enjoyment of what they do have helped them along the often challenging road of manufacturing. Michelle and Tony hope that you will enjoy browsing through their web site and, of course, they hope that you will try some the many different products.

At the time of writing, Michelle and Tony are concentrating on developing both The Chocolate Factory brand and BakeArt Ltd, and are proud to have both of these businesses associated with innovation, value, taste and quality.

Michton Ltd is a family business with its heart fixed on producing unique, quality products right here in the UK. Innovation, enthusiasm and a love of what we do is at the core of our philosophy, and has helped us along the challenging road of manufacturing. Michelle and Tony sincerely hope that you will enjoy browsing through this web site, and especially hope that you will stop to try some of our delicious products!




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